лайн лок паракорд

Linelock ready to use


Your old tarp or tent will have a new life.

Original tension adjusters Nexus line-locks are ready-to-use with your gear. They are easy to attach to your old tarp, tent or backpack, and make set-up and tension adjustment process that much easier for your tie-outs. Robust and secure, like a ladderlock buckle for a strap.

Paracord 2-3 mm or elastic cord 2-3 mm?

Tension adjusters are designed for Paracord as well as for elastic cord. You can easily replace a guy line from Paracord with elastic to fully satisfy your needs.

Are able to replace heavy compression straps for backpack volume adjustment or for attachment of extra gear onto your backpack.

The set includes 8 tension adjusters.

Price for 1 pcs. — 40 UAH.

Minimum order 4 pcs.


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