Lite 916; Lite 1715; Classic 916; Classic 1715; Mix.

Wide variety of stakes manufactured by SevenGear features 4 options at once. Stakes feature models for windy regions and practical flags.

Unconventional shape of stakes is designed for easy insertion into grassy or rocky ground, and secure fixation in it. Not for sand or snow.

Stakes easier go into the ground and their unusual shape makes their resistance inside the ground better. Each stake has a bright orange flag which stays visible even when the stake is in the ground – to avoid losing it. The flag is convenient for taking the stake out of the ground.
The names correspond to the lengths of stake spikes.

In the lite version 2.0mm steel spikes are used, and in the classic version 2.5mm spikes.

And what is more, our stakes are lighter than traditional and cheaper than ultrafashionable ones.

— stakes, 12 pcs.
— sack for transporting and storing.

Stake lite 916  — 1 pcs. ~ 7 g.
Stake lite 1715 – 1 pcs. ~ 10 g.
Stake classic 916 — 1 pcs. ~ 12 g.
Stake classic 1715 – 1 pcs. ~ 15 g.
Mix kit — 1 set ~ 132 g. — consists of 12 stakes, 3 pcs of every type.


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