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Hammocks produced by sevengear are simple and convenient. There is a line of lightweight hammocks, classic hammocks and hammocks for camping or relaxing in the park. Hammocks of a lightweight series are made of advanced nylon material. Hammocks for tourism e-lite GT are equipped with a mosquito net with a zipper, a Snakekin cover and S-shaped hooks, which helps to quickly and reliably hang a hammock, simply adjust horizontally and easily pack back even in strong winds. Hammocks can be equipped with removable mosquito nets. The dimensions of the hammocks allow you to comfortably accommodate both under the awning 3×3 and under the poncho-tent sevengear.

S-shaped hooks can easily be replaced by climbing carbines of sufficient strength. This will add a little weight, but it will give the opportunity to use carbines for various purposes, and at night to hang a hammock on them.