Hammock E-lite


Highly packable and light backpacking E-lite Hammock — gear for backpacking and trips. To be set up between two trees at 5-6 steps distance from each other. You can hang three hammocks between three trees, 4 or 5 hammocks between four trees making a camp. It is convenient for the use of a group tarp and just for communication between you. Two hammocks can be set up in parallel with each other between thick trees – this allows for the use of one 3х3 tarp.

Ridge line maintains the ideal tension of the layer for sleep. Snakeskin is designed for quick packing of the hammock, ‘calming’ it in the wind, or to free some space under the tarp. It is easy to string up and to adjust the hammock with S-hooks.

E-lite Hammock will help you discover new places for camping, forget about roots and bumps, declines and wet ground, not to worry about crawling insects and mosquitoes.

Since our gear is omni-purpose and modular, bug net and sleeping bag SevenDream as an Under Quilt can be attached to the hammock. The net and the sleeping bag are attached with S-hooks.
In case you often camp in the same place or you are backpacking in a reserve, we recommend using protective straps to keep the tree bark safe.

To provide cover from precipitation or falling leaves and bugs we recommend using tarps or poncho-tarps. SevenGear poncho-tarp is ideal for the cover because it was designed as a modular gear. Side guy lines of a hammock are attached to the diagonal corners of a poncho-tarp, this way tension of a tarp and a hammock is stabilized. The tarp corners are closer to the hammock, sheltering you from the wind and light side rain.

If you prefer, S-hooks can be replaced with carabiners of adequate strength, or you can use knots.


— hammock e-lite
— snakeskin bag
— sack for transporting and storing
— S-hooks, 2 pcs.
— suspending rope, 2 pcs.
— elastic guy lines, 2 pcs.

Materials and accessories:

Hammock fabric – ultralight Nylon, weight – 35g/sq.m.
Suspending ropes — 5 mm Nylon braided cord.
Side guy lines – 3mm elastic cord.


Hammock E-lite ~ 300g.
Hammock E-lite complete with snakeskin, elastic guy lines, stuff sack ~ 345g.


grey, orange, khaki.


Note! Max weight in the hammock shall not be more than 100 кg.


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