гамак фиолетовый украина

Hammock Weekend


Hammock for everyday rest

Hammock for rest will give you joy in a camping or park, on a bike or fishing trip, at a country cottage or a balcony. Vibrant colours will create a festive mood even in the gloomiest weather. Hammocks pack into bags sewn to the hammock itself. This way you will never lose them. Special packing for easy finding of the hammock among other gear.

Weekend hammocks have length of 3 metres that allows for a comfortable rest of even a tall person. Reliable suspending lines made of 20 mm cord and strong fabric of the hammock allow for loads up to 140 kg and swing at that.

To be set up between two trees at 5-6 steps distance from each other. You can hang three hammocks between three trees, 4 or 5 hammocks between four trees making a camp. It is convenient for communication between yourselves. Two hammocks can be set up in parallel with each other between thick trees.


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