пончо-тент тент для гамака

Poncho-tarp backpacker 70 GT


Poncho tarp is designed for you, backpack and tent

Model Backpacker 70 GT is designed keeping in mind its application as a roof for TwinPeaks and Teepee tents. Poncho is reinforced in key places. The poncho-tarps line of SevenGear Backpacker GT model has catenary cut. The curve is 3 cm. High collar of the hood provides perfect protection from moisture getting inside of the tent. To minimize the hood, simply tie it in a soft knot. Access to the hood is round-shaped that is more comfortable for wearing it. The back side is longer to protect the backpack from getting wet. Ponchos are made from durable fabric that does not easily tear when hiking through the bushes and is well suited for using as a footprint.

Simple and universal solution covering more applications than any other gear. It makes a comfortable shelter for the night. Poncho-tarp offers perfect protection from rain covering the backpack and your knees and you won’t sweat during active walking like in a usual rain tarp. Poncho-tarp does not require additional rain cover for your feet, like storm pants or rain kilts. Belt that comes with helps in hiking comfortably along forest trails and even windy mountain ranges with foot trafficability.

Poncho dimensions 260х140 cm that corresponds to 3.7 sq.m. coverage.

12 guy lines attached: 6 — with linelocks; 6 — simple.

All hood seams are silicone sealed.

Catenary cut will help create ideal tension.

Designed for 60-80 l backpacks.

Good-quality accessories will impress you with simplicity of pitching and adjusting the tarp. This is most important when you need to put up a tarp or move it due to the changed wind direction at night.

Perfectly optimized for use as a tarp for hammock or tent.

Comes complete with a stuff sack, belt and Paracord.

Paracord No.3 : 170х2 , 250х2;

Elastic belt with a buckle.

Sack for transporting and storing.

Poncho weight — 370g.

Complete set — 410g.


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