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One more time we are bringing you joy with our universal gear for adventure travels

Sleeping bags SevenDream are designed based on a blanket. You can wear them comfortably for walking around in a camp as a warm jacket or just for sitting around the fire. Remember how chilly it becomes in the mountains after the sundown or how the body is shiverish after the hot sun at the seaside.

Velcro forms a ‘footbox’ when the quilt is used for the intended purpose. Making a footbox boosts comfortable sleep temperature way up, but allows to open your feet for cooling down if the weather invites to it. ‘Blanket’ design will be a treat in a camping when you require a warm and soft layer on top of your foam pads. Such campsite poncho is a perfect fit for spring-autumn season, when it is too hot during the day to wear thick fleece or a jacket, and in the evening you still require something to warm you up. Remember how shiverish the body is after a hot day in the sun or how humidity and temperature change in the mountains after sundown.

Line of SevenDream sleeping bags has draw strings on both ends that allow it to be used as an Under Quilt for a hammock.

G-Loft insulation guarantees long-term use of a sleeping bag with top results for retaining heat. Nylon fabrics are quite windproof but at the same time breathable. SevenDream quilt comes in two sizes M and L. Size M is designed for people up to 180 cm and has dimensions of 120х190 cm. Size L is designed for people up to 200 cm and has dimensions of 140х210 cm.

Sleeping system of two SevenDream sleeping bags can cover 4-season insulation in a hammock. One we use as a top quilt, the other — as an under quilt. Using an under quilt for a hammock you can ditch your foam pad in favour of a lighter pad or its total absence.

No cold seams

The quilt is reversible; the collar has a special draw string so that you can wear it inside out. Pick a colour you like best.

Comes in two size options with 200 g/m2 insulation.

1- sleeping bag quilt

2- jacket

3- under quilt

4- second layer

5- under layer

6- high collar

7- warm seams

Comfort temperature +5+10°C.


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